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Rev. Jackson congratulates Airbnb

Chicago, IL – The Rainbow PUSH Coalition congratulates Airbnb on its initial public offering December 13, 2020.

We are especially pleased to have worked with Airbnb since 2017 to assure that a dozen high quality minority, women, and veteran owned firms are included as co-managers for today’s IPO. We believe that this large number of firms sets a new standard that other corporations and Silicon Valley should follow.

The Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project’s mission is to identify and encourage mutually beneficial business relationships between major corporations and minority-owned businesses in the financial services industry. For over 23 years, we have facilitated the productive cooperation between these two groups and have created opportunities for minority-owned firms to work in partnership with corporations that have issued over $100 billion in securities.

We look forward to working with Airbnb and other corporations not only on the breadth of inclusion in these kinds of events, but also on increasing the equity depth (percentage and amount of shares) that minority, women and veteran-owned participants receive to execute on behalf of the corporations.

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